Bright Tots

Bright Tots is a group for parents and carers to bring their under 5’s to meet with a community of people experiencing the same joys, surprises and challenges. We usually run on Monday mornings during term time from
10 to 11.30am but in this time of change we want to find new ways to connect with you

Join our facebook page where we post weekly videos and activites. 

Connecting is now more important than ever. We know how isolating it can feel to be at home with pre-school children with no access to a social outlet for parents or children and we don’t want you to feel alone. We want to strengthen the communities that have been created through Bright Tots by using social media and online groups to get together to share tips about how to keep children entertained and to support one another through this difficult time. 

Please continue to watch for updates of when and how we will be doing this. If you’re already part of Bright Tots then someone will be in contact with you soon. 

Contact us on if you want us to pray for you, if you want to connect with someone or you want to know more about how we can help you.



Get in touch

  • St Peter's Church
    York Place
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    United Kingdom
  • 01273 698 182