Online Giving - Terms and conditions

Online Giving – Terms and conditions

Recurring Payments

St Peters Church runs through the generosity of its givers, who make regular and one-off donations. Regular, consistent giving allows us to follow good accounting practices and budget effectively.

How to set up a recurring payment:

  • Click on the button "Start Regular Giving".
  • Enter the following details:
    • The amount of the first payment
    • The amount of the recurring payment after that – this may be the same as the first payment
    • The date you would like the first payment to be made
    • How frequently you would like the payments to be made – daily, weekly, monthly or yearly
    • What date you would like the donations to stop, or "No end date" if you would like to carry on giving until further notice
  • You will receive an email from our partner organisation WorldPay, which will let you start the payments immediately.

How to change or stop your payment

Contact the Giving Team at the church office, by phone on 01273 698182 or by email at We will be able to help you make any changes to your recurring payments, whether you are looking to increase, decrease or stop your payments.


We are happy to refund any monies which you have donated to us via banking methods including standing orders, cheques, debit/credit card transactions and FuturePay, within the previous 3 months. You do not need to state a reason for your wish to withdraw the donation.
We are unable to refund cash donations.
In order to claim a refund, please contact the Giving team on stating the amounts donated and the dates of the transactions.
We undertake to return this money to you within 30 days.
Your refund will be sent to your bank account using the WorldPay refunding system.
There will be no charges or fees for this refund.


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