What is legacy giving?

Legacy giving is when you choose to give money to St Peter’s in your will. You can give a percentage of your remaining estate (after bills and giving to your family and friends), or you can give a lump sum.

How do I arrange this?

You will need to make a will, or update an existing will.

  • To help you consider what you possess and who you would like to give it to, see this template to help.
  • There are a number of schemes for free will writing, and low-cost will writing. Have a look at this summary: Free will-writing
  • To give a share of your estate to St Peters, use this wording:
    “I give ______ % of my residuary estate free of all taxes to the Parochial Church Council of the parish of St Peter’s Brighton (registered charity number1146642) in the Diocese of Chichester for its general purposes, and I declare that the receipt of an officer of the Parochial Church Council shall be a sufficient discharge to my executors and trustees.”

Why should I give a legacy gift?

Gifts from legacies can make an enormous difference to the life of the church and the impact on our local community. Even a small percentage of the residuary estate can be a sizeable amount, and contribute significantly to our work with the homeless and vulnerable, enable special events with the Youth groups, or provide bursaries for Focus.

How can I find out more?  

Further information on will-writing can be found here at the Money Advice Service.

See also the Church of England's guidance on legacy giving.


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