Regular/One-off Giving

You can contribute to the vision and life of St Peters by setting up your giving here, whether you wish to give regularly or to give a one-off amount.

  • Click on the button below – this takes you to the setup page.
  • Select either Regular Giving or One Off Giving from the list at the top of the page. 
    (Note: the page will ask always you to set up a "Direct Debit" but if you have chosen "One-off Giving", don't worry - your donation will only be taken once!)  
  • Enter the amount you would like to give, and your details.
  • You’ll get a confirmation email with the Direct Debit guarantee and a “Cancel” button for if you change your mind.

If you have any questions, you wish to stop a regular payment or you’d like to talk through other ways of giving, just call us and we will be happy to help you!

For Standing Orders see here


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