One Parent Families

Who is it for?

One Parent Families is for single parents with dependent children living at home. Whatever your situation, whether divorced, separated, widowed or never married, we’d love you to join us, where you will be connected with others who will help to encourage, support, equip and inspire you on your journey. 

What can I expect?

Each afternoon begins with a lunch, complete with coffee and cakes. There will then be family games and activities followed by a short talk with an opportunity to discuss issues important to single parents, including: 

  • Reasons for hope when all seems lost 
  • How to help a grieving, hurting child 
  • How adversity can prepare your children for success 
  • How to work through depression, fear and anger 
  • The link between a child's heart and their behaviour 
  • How to cope with conflict and hurtful words 

How do I register?

For more information or to register, please email


Get in touch

  • St Peter's Church
    York Place
    BN1 4GU
    United Kingdom
  • 01273 698 182