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Parenting Conversations: The Pornography Question - Do I really need to talk about this with my teens?

Why this topic?

In December 2020 Pornhub was the 7th most visited website in the world recording over 1.29 billion hits in that month alone, averaging over 120 million daily visits throughout the year. With our young people on screens more than ever before, and the average age for first exposure to porn being 11 years old, do we need to begin to approach this tricky topic with them? How will this exposure affect their understanding of themselves, healthy relationships and society?

This set of Parenting Conversations may be for right now or may be preparing for a future moment, when your children are older. You are welcome to join whatever the age of your children. Find the details and the sign up link below.

Monday 1 March, 8.00-9.15pm

8.00-8.45pm - Parent Workshop 1, on Zoom

8.45-9.15pm - Episode of ‘Brain Heart World’ (30 mins)

Monday 8 March, 8.00-8.45pm

8.00-8.45pm - Parent Workshop 2, on Zoom

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