Parenting Teens Workshops

Sex? Porn? Mental Health? Social Media? Our unique series of three summer workshops is designed for all parents and carers of children (aged 10-18) to engage with the hot topics of today’s teenagers. Our speakers will address the new and often overwhelming challenges that parents of this generation face, offering practical tools, advice, reasurance and thoughts on how we can best support our teens and navigate this season well together. Parents will also have the chance to ask questions and talk in small groups around the topics raised - Pimm’s and puddings will be served!

What will be covered?

Monday 21 May, 7.30pm at St Peter's Church, Brighton

'Talking about sex and porn with our teens' with Rachel Gardner, founder of Romance Academy ( and best-selling author

The need for good talking in families about relationships and sex is more pressing than ever with 90%* of young people feeling the pressure to become sexually active young. Fascinatingly, 62%* of teenagers actually want to talk to their parents about sex, and would prefer to go to them before friends, teachers or the Internet. So how can we make it easier for them, and easier for us without it feeling so overwhelming? Rachel will take a look at what’s going on in social media, explore statistics around sex and relationships and the impact of pornography. She will share tried and tested top-tips for starting conversations and bring reassurance and ideas for responding to those challenging parenting moments. *Survey by the National Children’s Bureau April 201


Monday 4 June, 7.30pm at St Peter's Church, Brighton

'Protecting our teens' mental and emotional health' with Steve Marshall-Taylor, Deputy Headmaster of Brighton College 

Within the rapidly changing landscape of the teenage years, we will consider what twenty-first century teenagers need to feel emotionally healthy and how parents can be proactive in providing those things. There is a growing awareness of mental health being a high priority for government, schools and families and Steve will give the opportunity to reflect on what we need to provide for teenagers if their emotional health is to be protected.


Monday 11 June, 7.30pm at St Peter's Church, Brighton

'Navigating the online world' with Charlotte Robertson, co-founder of Digital Awareness UK (

The digital world is a present reality in the lives of young people with numerous positives to be found and pitfalls to overcome. With issues like inappropriate sharing / viewing and digital addiction constantly in the spotlight, we have invited Charlotte to lead an online safety workshop to help parents feel empowered when it comes to supporting their teens in this space. The workshop will cover the most popular apps and websites, critical issues to be aware of and steps to take to protect children from online risk.


Who is it for?

The workshops are for any parent, step-parent or caregiver of children aged 10 - 18. (No under 18s please).

What is the cost?

£8 per session or £15 for all three (per couple / person). Pimm’s, puddings and materials are included. Bursaries are available so please don't let the cost deter you from joining us.

How to register?

Sign up here! For further information please get in touch with us via email:



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