Sunday FAQs and Covid-regulations



Do I need to wear a mask in the building? 

Please continue to wear a mask whilst in the building, as this is in line with current government guidance, with Brighton being termed a 'enhanced response area', due to increased cases. 

Can I sing? 

Yes, you can now sing during the worship on Sundays. We ask people to keep their masks on, in order to protect one another.  

Do I need a Covid passport to attend church? 

No, you will not require a Covid passport. We would encourage you to do a lateral flow test before attending, and to not come to church if you’re experiencing any Covid-related symptoms. 

What social distancing measures are there?  

In line with current government guidelines, you will no longer be required to socially distance, however if you would prefer to leave a chair space between you and the next person, a coloured laminate card will be available from ushers and will be marked on those chairs for you. There will continue to be spacing between rows for the forseeable. In addition, there will be a socially distanced zone behind the sound desk too, if you would prefer to sit there. There will be hand sanitising stations throughout the building. 

What other measures are in place? 

We will continue with the following procedures for the foreseeable:- 

  • Have a QR code at the door for venue check-in if you wish to use this
  • Hand sanitiser stations throughout the building
  • Continue cleaning of frequently touched surfaces and key areas between services  
  • We ask our staff and volunteer team involved in the service to be regularly testing with a lateral flow device test

Booking and getting there 

Do I need a ticket to attend Sundays? 

From Sunday 1 August, you will no longer need to book a ticket for our services. We do advise you to continue to register your children for kids’ groups, so that we have the right amount of team members available and to guarantee your child(ren) a place. 

How do I check in?  
You will be invited to check in upon entering the main doors via our contactless check-in system, however this is no longer a legal requirement. If you have children, please take them to the appropriate drop-off points, where you will be ushered and checked-in from there. Youth can come and check in with their parents through the main doors. 

Where do I park?  

8am – Limited parking available as normal  

10:30 /  5pm: As we only have limited parking available, parking at the church will be reserved for people serving on team and those with accessibility needs. For all other parking we would recommend London Road car park or Trafalgar Street car park.  


What if I have a baby? 

Due to the number of adults required to stay with this age group, we currently don’t have a space large enough to accommodate a group, taking into account social distancing. You are welcome to bring them with you to any service, and we will endeavour to find a space for your pram.

Where do I take my children? 

See Kids FAQs  

What to expect 

How long are the services?  

8am – 35 mins  

10:30am / 5pm – 1 hour  

Will I be turned away if the church is has reached the capacity limit?

It is extremely rare that we would turn someone away, but on the occasion that we’re at capacity we would encourage you to come along to a different service that day or else tune in online. 

What if I’m a student?  

Students are welcome to attend any of the services across the day, but we would especially encourage you to come to the evening service at 5pm. This service is often hosted by our Student and Youth Pastors, and there will be the opportunity to meet and get to know other students.  

What youth groups are there?  

During August, if you’re aged 11-18, we encourage you to head to the 5pm service which is hosted by our Student and Youth Pastors. Groups for Younger Youth (ages 11-14, school years 7-9) will be available at the 10.30 service from September. 



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