Sunday Talks

All In (pt.3)

Jonny continues our series, looking at some of Jesus' most challenging words to us (Luke 14.25-35)

Jonny Gumbel

Finding Purpose in a Pandemic - All In (pt.2)

Does your life feel like it’s on hold during lockdown?  Do you struggle day to day to find meaning?  In the second of the series “All in”, Archie explains how this doesn’t have to be the case, and how anyone can find purpose at any time anywhere.

Archie Coates

All In

In the first of a new series, Archie talks about what it means to “leave everything and follow him” (Luke 5:11) as it relates to our life with Jesus this new year

Archie Coates

God's nature and intention

Nalishuwa Ikachana

Storms & Shipwrecks

Just because you are facing a storm in life doesn't mean that you are outside God's will for your life. Archie teaches on how to navigate the storms of life. 

Archie Coates

Worship Your Way Through

Paul Nelson

The Priority and Power of Prayer

Angie explores how three powerful words found in Acts 12 - ‘But earnest prayer’ - can help us navigate these challenging times.

Angie Green

Exit Your Echo Chamber

Hannah Milne

Who Are You Lord?

As we head into lockdown 2, Archie teaches on how to trust God in uncertain times.

Archie Coates

Let the Future Begin (pt.7): What Happens on the Way

Tom teaches on how many of God's most significant actions through us occur as interruptions to our everyday life, and encourages us as to how we can be ready to take opportunities for sharing our faith and living for him in this current crisis. 

Tom Limebear


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