Sunday Talks

Archie Coates

On Baptism Sunday, Archie teaches about how to practically live out our baptism in everyday life.

Jonny and Tara Gumbel

Jonny and Tara Gumbel talk about four essential elements for a healthy relationship.

James Ray

Life is an ADVENTURE - it's an upward climb. James Ray outlines two ways to reach the summit. Only one way is guaranteed to work. Find out which.

Jonny Gumbel preaches on how Jesus has made it possible for the Church to be a place of Belonging, Transformation and Encounter.

Archie Coates

Archie begins a series from Ephesians as we gear up for 2019 as a church.

Angie Green

Angie talks to us from Psalm 13 on how we can wait well.

Archie Coates

Archie teaches about how to navigate disruption when it comes at us through unexpected life events

Archie Coates

Archie explains how God’s best work in and through us is often found out of our comfort zone and how we choose a life that is deliberately disruptive to our own sense of status quo.

Mandy Marshall-Taylor

Mandy Marshall-Taylor continues our series by looking at the topic of Freedom.


David Garratt

David speaks from John 1: 16-18 on how loving others in the way Jesus loved us is what following Jesus really is for our day to day lives.


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