Sunday Talks

Discover Your Purpose: Isaiah

Jonny continues the series by sharing how God transforms us in order to transform the world, working in our vulnerability and availability.

Jonny Gumbel

Discover Your Purpose: Gideon

The first in a three part series on discovering and fulfilling the purpose that God has for your life. 

Jonny Gumbel

Under the Influence pt.6 - Adoption

Ali speaks on the spirit of adoption

Ali Marshall

Under the Influence pt 5 - Effective

Archie teaches on how we are each to continue the ministry of Jesus and how to receive the power to do so.

Archie Coates

Under the Influence pt 4 - Holy

David speaks from Galations on how to be set free by the Holy Spirit.

David Garratt

Under the Influence pt 3 – Transformed PM

Hannah looks at the Fruit of the Spirit and how to access more joy in our lives.

Hannah Milne

Under the Influence pt 3 – Transformed AM

Becs Dhillon

Under the Influence pt 2 - Empowered

Jonny speaks on how the Spirit of God empowers us to change the world around us.

Jonny Gumbel

Under the Influence pt 1 – Open

The success of our lives is dependent on the relationship we have with the Holy Spirit: Archie explains how

Archie Coates


Jon talks about how we might be unshakable in testing times. 

Jon Harley


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