Sunday Talks

Encounters With Jesus: Raising Lazarus

In our series on Encouters with Jesus, Toby explains how to look beyond our suffering into the glory ahead.


Tobias Lancaster

Encounters With Jesus: The Adulterous Woman

Nakita continues the series looking at the story of Jesus and the woman; caught in adultery.


Nakita Ainsworth

Encounters With Jesus: Nathaniel and Phillip

Zannah resumes our series on Encounters with Jesus from Johns gospel

Zannah Crow

Encounters with Jesus: After the Resurrection

Ali Marshall continues the series on Encounters with Jesus from John's gospel.

Ali Marshall

How to really forgive

In the final part of the Joseph series, Archie explains how to “forgive one another as Christ forgave you.

Archie Coates

The Power of Praise

Worship is not simply a spiritual pathway by which we connect with God; it also has power to cause breakthrough in our lives, church and city.

Archie Coates

Hello Maker

How to live in God's story and his original intent for our lives.

Paul Nelson

Loved By God: Unity

 How God's love can bring unity to a divided world. 

Jonny Gumbel

Don’t Despair

In part three of his Joseph series, Archie teaches about how to handle the temptation to despair.

Archie Coates

The Father Heart of God

Liz Morray


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