Sunday Talks

Let the future begin (pt 1): More Power

Archie kicks off a new series in the book of Acts, looking at the three conditions we need to lay down in our lives in order to have more of the Holy Spirit.

Archie Coates

God is doing a new thing

On Vision Sunday, Archie talks about the plans and priory for us as people and church in this next season.

Archie Coates

God's Whisper

Angie talks to us about prayer and how we can hear God voice.

Angie Green

How we can follow Jesus in a chaotic world

Hannah Milne speakes on how we can follow Jesus in a chaotic world

Hannah Milne

Life in Limbo

Archie speaks to us on how to respond when life feels like we can't go back but the future hasn't quite arrived.

Archie Coates

Embracing the Change: Pt 2

Embracing the Change - Part Two of Jonny Gumbel's talk.

Jonny Gumbel

Embracing the Change: Pt.1

Jonny starts our new two part series, Embracing the change.

Jonny Gumbel

Character in a Crisis pt 10: Love not Selfishness

Archie gives a definition of love and explains the secret to being able to love other people well.

Archie Coates

Character in a Crisis pt 9: Faithfulness not compromise

Archie continues our 'Character in a Crisis' series looking at Faithfulness. 

Archie Coates

Character in a Crisis pt 8: Self-control when life is out of control

Jonny continues our series of Character in a Crisis, looking at the fruit of the Spirit ‘Self-control’ which is the true freedom that the Spirit gives us.

Jonny Gumbel


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