Sunday Talks

Jesus at Home

Guest speaker, Nicky Gumbel speaks to us on Pentecost Sunday on 'Jesus at Home' 

Nicky Gumbel

Character in a Crisis pt 5: Peace over Anxiety

In mental health awareness week, Archie explains how everyone can receive Jesus’ gift of peace, and how we can be a “non-anxious presence” to the world around us.

Archie Coates

Character in a Crisis pt 4: Kind not Harsh

How kind are you? Archie explains why kindness is so attractive, and how to do a self-diagnosis of kindness in different spheres of our lives.

Archie Coates

Character in a Crisis pt 3: Joyful not Despairing

What happens when many of the mechanisms for our happiness have been suspended or snatched away?  Archie explains how to shift our orientation from happiness to joy.

This talk was taken from our Sunday Check In at St Peter’s. 

Archie Coates

Character in a Crisis pt 2: Patient not Stressed

Archie explains how we can grow in Patience through 'indirect effort', and what to do when we are frustrated, mistreated, angry and impatient.

This talk was taken from our Sunday Check In at St Peter’s. 

Archie Coates

Character in a Crisis pt 1

What kind of person will I be when I emerge from lockdown? Archie begins a series explaining how God can use this season to develop his character in us.

This talk was taken from our Sunday Check In at St Peter’s. 

Archie Coates

Try another way

Archie explains how to live well in this season now the adrenaline and novelty factor have worn off – but drawing on the power available to us through Jesus.

Archie Coates


 Archie explains how the events we celebrate at Easter give us certainty in an uncertain world.

Archie Coates


 Archie talks about how to let go of things in our lives we can’t control, and live in trust and peace instead.

Archie Coates

Hold onto your habits

How to adapt and develop our prayer life in this season. Rick Warren's hand-finger prayer model:

LEFT - WHO to pray for: thumb = loved ones, 1st = leaders, middle = influencers, 4th = the weak, little = myself

RIGHT - WHAT to pray for: thumb = my heart, 1st = my priorities, middle = my example/influence, 4th = my relationships, little = my resources


Archie Coates


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