Sunday Talks

This Is Us Pt.2: Worship

Archie talks about how worship is the answer to our uncertain and insecure lives.


Archie Coates

This Is Us Pt.1

Helen Garratt kicks off our series on community. 

Helen Garratt

This Is Us pt.2

Hannah Milne talks to us from John on how to do community better. 

Hannah Milne

Finding rest for your soul

Jules Jacob who runs the dealing with anxiety course at St Peter’s speaks on the subject of finding help for our anxieties.


Jules Jacob

Guest Speaker: Paul Cowley

Paul Cowley, MBE, Head of Alpha for prisons, Head of Alpha for Armed Forces and the Founder of Caring for Ex-offenders talks on the subject of hope through despair.

Paul Cowley

Two Rules for Life pt.2

Archie contines his series on the vision of St Peter's by looking at Jesus second rule for life, love your neighbour as yourself.

Archie Coates

Two Rules for Life pt.1

Archie talks about the vision of the church for this new season. 

Archie Coates

Renew Your Purpose

How to renew your sense of purpose.

Jonny Gumbel

Psalm 78: Praising God Always

Lizzie explores Psalm 78 and how we should always prioritise God by praising and raising those around us. 

Lizzie Evans

Psalm 104: Creativity

How to live a creative life: create freely, create out of love, create despite the cost, and create out of hope.

Keir Shreeves


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