Sunday Talks

Archie Coates

Archie teaches on how we are each to continue the ministry of Jesus and how to receive the power to do so.

David Garratt

David speaks from Galations on how to be set free by the Holy Spirit.

Hannah looks at the Fruit of the Spirit and how to access more joy in our lives.

Jonny speaks on how the Spirit of God empowers us to change the world around us.

Archie Coates

The success of our lives is dependent on the relationship we have with the Holy Spirit: Archie explains how

Jon Harley

Jon talks about how we might be unshakable in testing times. 

Tom Stinson

Exploring the restoration of Peter and how it applies to our lives today. 

Tom Limebear

Hope Lives explores the resurrection narrative from Matthew's gospel whilst reminding us that our hope is a person, not a concept. 


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