Sunday Talks

"This is God's will for your life..."

Hannah looks at Paul's instructions to rejoice always, pray continually, and give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for our lives.

Hannah Milne

How to Develop a Strong Spirit

Archie teaches on how we can develop a strong spirit with some practical tools for growing in our Christian walk.

Archie Coates

Think Life

As Christians we are called to choose life.

David Garratt

Discover Your Purpose - Fear

In order to discover our purpose in life we need to be able to say ‘yes’ to God, and that means facing our fears.

Jonny Gumbel

Discover Your Purpose - Opportunity

On Father's Day Jonny speaks from 1 Samuel, on how to a live a life of purpose by turning problems into opportunities.

Jonny Gumbel

How to experience more of the Holy Spirit

After some feedback from the recent mission trip to Hong Kong, Archie teaches on 3 choices we can all make that will position ourselves more for the Holy Spirit to flow in and through us

Archie Coates

The Holy Spirit - the Helper

Helen preaches on how the Holy Spirit is our helper.

Helen Garratt

The Holy Spirit - Jesus Breathes

Nakita speaks about Jesus breathing on his disciples in John 20; and how Jesus shows them his love, gives them peace, and then sends them out.

Nakita Ainsworth

Discover your life's purpose

Jonny looks at discovering your purpose starting right here in 1 Samuel 3, with a little help from Oprah...


Jonny Gumbel

Building on HOPE

Archie follows up an exciting Easter period with a message of hope

Archie Coates


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