Sunday Talks

Overcoming Comparison

A talk of three parts from Kirsty Nelson, Emanuel Kialungila and Chesca Kirkland talking on how fixing our eyes on Jesus can overcome the trap of comparison. 

Three In One

Overcoming Comparison

Angie looks at how we deal with unhealthy comparison

Angie Green

Facing The Fight

Keir speaks on how to use spiritual armour to fight your battles.

Keir Shreeves

Define Your Life

Jo Rice, Managing Director of Resurgo and Founder of the Spear programme, speaks from Romans on how we can define our lives.

Jo Rice

Put Out Into Deep Water

In the second part his vision series, Archie explains how our response to the Vision of St Peter's can be expansive, obedient and connected.

Archie Coates

We Can Certainly Do It

On Vision Sunday, Archie talks about how each of us can play part in seeing the vision come a reality.

Archie Coates

Relationships: Part 3 - Parents and Children

David Garratt shares on how parenting and being parented can be a huge challenge at times but God's grace means that there is still lots of hope when we get it wrong.

David Garratt

Relationships: Part 2 - God at Work

Steve Marshall Taylor asks us how our faith affects the way we approach our work and how does what we do on a Monday connect with what we do on a Sunday?

Steve Marshall-Taylor

New Creation

On Baptism Sunday, Archie teaches about how to practically live out our baptism in everyday life.

Archie Coates

Relationships: Part 1 - Marriage

Jonny and Tara Gumbel talk about four essential elements for a healthy relationship.

Jonny and Tara Gumbel


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