Sunday Talks

We Can Certainly Do It

On Vision Sunday, Archie talks about how each of us can play part in seeing the vision come a reality.

Archie Coates

Relationships: Part 3 - Parents and Children

David Garratt shares on how parenting and being parented can be a huge challenge at times but God's grace means that there is still lots of hope when we get it wrong.

David Garratt

Relationships: Part 2 - God at Work

Steve Marshall Taylor asks us how our faith affects the way we approach our work and how does what we do on a Monday connect with what we do on a Sunday?

Steve Marshall-Taylor

New Creation

On Baptism Sunday, Archie teaches about how to practically live out our baptism in everyday life.

Archie Coates

Relationships: Part 1 - Marriage

Jonny and Tara Gumbel talk about four essential elements for a healthy relationship.

Jonny and Tara Gumbel

Who Are You Attached To?

Life is an ADVENTURE - it's an upward climb. James Ray outlines two ways to reach the summit. Only one way is guaranteed to work. Find out which.

James Ray

Ephesians Part 2: The Potential of the Church

Jonny Gumbel preaches on how Jesus has made it possible for the Church to be a place of Belonging, Transformation and Encounter.

Jonny Gumbel

Connect Pt.1: HIPster

Archie begins a series from Ephesians as we gear up for 2019 as a church.

Archie Coates

How Can We Wait Well

Angie talks to us from Psalm 13 on how we can wait well.

Angie Green

How to Live a Disruptive Life Pt:2

Archie teaches about how to navigate disruption when it comes at us through unexpected life events

Archie Coates


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