Sunday Talks

Psalm 78: Praising God Always

Lizzie explores Psalm 78 and how we should always prioritise God by praising and raising those around us. 

Lizzie Evans

Psalm 139: Perfect Relationship

Jon Harley talks about what the psalms can teach us on how to do relationships better. 

Jon Harley

Psalm 16: Where do you turn?

There is an invitation from God to 'life to the full'. Paul speaks from Psalm 16 on turning to God in every situation and living a life satisfied in Him. 

Paul Nelson

Psalm 62. Jesus - Saviour, Rock, Fortress and Refuge

In the reality of life this is a Psalm of encouragement.  As Christians we are ‘in Christ’ this is a firm foundation and a secure place to be whatever storms life’s circumstances bring.  

Helen Garratt

What does hope look like?

Mandy talks to us on what real hope looks like. 

Mandy Marshall-Taylor

How to make a difference

Toby looks at Jesus' encounter with blind Bartimaeus and gleans 5 things from it that can help us make a difference in our world. 

Tobias Lancaster

Faithful in the Fight

Archie interviews Sally on how to be faithful in the fight. 

Archie Coates

Faithful in the Fight pt.2

Archie interviews Sam Coates on how to stay faithful in the fight. 

Archie Coates & Sam Coates

Crucial Conversations pt2: How to confront someone well

Archie talks to us about confronting people well in the second part of the Crucial Conversations series. 

Archie Coates

Crucial Conversations pt1: How to bring out the best in others

Archie talks on how to bring out the best in others. 

Archie Coates


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