Discover your purpose

Discover Your Purpose - Fear

In order to discover our purpose in life we need to be able to say ‘yes’ to God, and that means facing our fears.

Jonny Gumbel

Discover Your Purpose - Opportunity

On Father's Day Jonny speaks from 1 Samuel, on how to a live a life of purpose by turning problems into opportunities.

Jonny Gumbel

Discover your life's purpose

Jonny looks at discovering your purpose starting right here in 1 Samuel 3, with a little help from Oprah...


Jonny Gumbel

Renew Your Purpose

How to renew your sense of purpose.

Jonny Gumbel

Discover Your Purpose: Isaiah

Jonny continues the series by sharing how God transforms us in order to transform the world, working in our vulnerability and availability.

Jonny Gumbel

Discover Your Purpose: Gideon

The first in a three part series on discovering and fulfilling the purpose that God has for your life. 

Jonny Gumbel

Song of Love

Paul speaks from Zephaniah 3:17 on the Father singing over us.

Paul Nelson

Discover Your Purpose: Part 4

Jonny Gumbel speaks from 1 kings on the next part of the series, Discovering Your Purpose.

Jonny Gumbel

Discover Your Purpose: Move

Jonny Gumbel shows us 3 practical steps to discover your purpose.

Jonny Gumbel

Discover Your Purpose: To Do, To Be, To Love

Jonny Gumbel shares how the image of God in every human being points us to our purpose.

Jonny Gumbel


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