Songs for a City

Psalm 78: Praising God Always

Lizzie explores Psalm 78 and how we should always prioritise God by praising and raising those around us. 

Lizzie Evans

Psalm 104: Creativity

How to live a creative life: create freely, create out of love, create despite the cost, and create out of hope.

Keir Shreeves

Psalm 16: Where do you turn?

There is an invitation from God to 'life to the full'. Paul speaks from Psalm 16 on turning to God in every situation and living a life satisfied in Him. 

Paul Nelson

Psalm 139: Perfect Relationship

Jon Harley talks about what the psalms can teach us on how to do relationships better. 

Jon Harley

Psalm 62. Jesus - Saviour, Rock, Fortress and Refuge

In the reality of life this is a Psalm of encouragement.  As Christians we are ‘in Christ’ this is a firm foundation and a secure place to be whatever storms life’s circumstances bring.  

Helen Garratt

What does hope look like?

Mandy talks to us on what real hope looks like. 

Mandy Marshall-Taylor


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