This is us

This is us Pt.6: Freedom

Mandy Marshall-Taylor continues our series by looking at the topic of Freedom.


Mandy Marshall-Taylor

This Is Us Pt.5: Discipleship

James Bailey continues the series by talking about discipleship

James Bailey

This Is Us Pt.5: Discipleship

David speaks from John 1: 16-18 on how loving others in the way Jesus loved us is what following Jesus really is for our day to day lives.

David Garratt

This Is Us Pt.4: Hope

Archie teaches how to anchor our lives in hope

Archie Coates

This Is Us Pt.3: Compassion

Jonny Gumbel speaks on how we can all lead a compassionate life.

Jonny Gumbel

This Is Us Pt.2: Worship

Archie talks about how worship is the answer to our uncertain and insecure lives.


Archie Coates

This Is Us pt.2

Hannah Milne talks to us from John on how to do community better. 

Hannah Milne

This Is Us Pt.1

Helen Garratt kicks off our series on community. 

Helen Garratt


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