Relationships and Family Life

Resilience Film Screening

-Due to popular demand we have now sold out of tickets-

Resilience is a one-hour documentary that delves into the science around the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and how they can affect minds and bodies; and have a long-term impact on physical health and well being without support.

Cocktails for Couples

In October 2019, we will be hosting another series of Monday evening dates designed to draw couples, at all life-stages, closer together. Each evening will include a presentation from the front, guest interviews and plenty of private couple discussion all with the aim of strengthening your relationship. All couples in a long-term, committed relationship are welcome – dating, engaged, married etc. Dinner and cocktails will be served.

Tots and toddlers Café team

To service and bless the carers of little ones in our local community with a free café which runs during tots and toddlers. Making time for conversation and caring for those with small children in their care!

Tots and toddlers Parenting Conversation

If your kids are older or grown-up this is the perfect opportunity to get alongside, support and encourage parents in the early years. Parenting conversation is a short half an hr session off the back of St Peter’s Tots and Toddlers where we can have one-to-one discussion and support and prayer time with parents from our local community


The 'Backstage' team is essential to the smooth running of all Family Life courses. The team would oversee creating a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere at St. Peter's ready to receive guests from across the city as they spend time investing in their relationships. Your helper commitment would be around 5 times per term.

Family Life Course Helpers

Hospitality Team (for St Peter’s run or home-run courses): As a helper of a Family Life course your primary role is to help support the course host by creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere. As a team you would meet before the start of the course, then each evening / session you would help with setup, serving dinner and drinks, set down and making sure each guest feels comfortable. Your helper commitment would be about 5 times per term.

Family Life Course Hosts

Host (for home-run courses): As a host of a Family Life course your primary role is to create a warm environment in your home for guests to come and experience the course (5 weeks for Marriage Prep, Parenting Children / Teens, 7 weeks Marriage Course). We ask that after registration is finalized you hold contact with guests, including a weekly email. Each evening you would play / pause the DVD,  signpost guests to discuss privately (Marriage) or in small groups (Parenting) and record attendance. Catering is optional. Support from hospitality team is advisable. Prayer is essential!

Family Life Event Team

For one-off events we love to gather teams who enjoy creating a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere. We need a variety of roles to be filled: assisting with design, set up, welcoming guests, serving food and drinks, clearing away, setting down. Your helper commitment would be around once per term.


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