The Well


The Well - let’s talk about mental health and faith

Saturday 13th March 9.30 - 11am online

This is an online, free event to gather together to support and encourage one another in our mental health and well-being. Our guest speakers are Steve and Liz Burston speaking to us about 'Growing in Resilience'. We will also hear from others about what has helped them support their mental health and there will be the opportunity to chat to others in small groups if you wish. 

As we continue to find ourselves in lockdown, there is a path to more normality in the future, but it still feels like a long way off.  So how do we continue to look after our mental and emotional well-being?  Can we develop a resilience to see us through this time and into the future?  Join us to consider what resilience is and what we can put in place in our lives to grow in our own emotional resilience.  Hear from our speaker Steve and Liz Burston who lead a church in Crawley, will be addressing this topic from their own personal experience and knowledge gained. 



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