2022 Financial Breakdown

Thank you for your generosity!

Everything that we are able to do as a church is only possible by the generosity of those that love, give, serve and pray in our community. So, THANK YOU!

Our vision is to play our part in the evangelisation of the nations, the transformation of society and the revitalisation of the local church. Here’s a short update on what we’ve been able to do in 2022 thanks to all your support.


There’s so much that goes into running Sundays – Production, Worship, Prayer, Cafe Teams, the Live Stream etc. We also love celebrating big events such a Christmas and Easter. Easter 2022 was no exception where we welcomed almost 800 guests to our Easter Sunday Family Service.


Since January 2022, we’ve been able to run termly Alpha courses in our building. Over 340 people have been able to explore the Christian faith and all our guests have enjoyed incredible meals and hospitality free of charge. We’ve just started our Autumn Term course and we can’t wait to see what God will do this term on Alpha.


During term time we run Safehaven three times a week on a Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, providing a safe and welcoming environment for the most vulnerable in our city. We love to bless our guests with great food and have served 8700 hot meals since January 2022.

At Bloom Hope Centre we offer a safe place for women to grow, learn, share and build community, over this year we have provided up to 9 workshops or drops ins each week supporting 536 women across 113 internally facilitated workshops.


Discipleship is the heartbeat of our church and your generosity allows us to serve many within our city. Whether it’s Kid’s groups on Sundays, the Bright Party, Youth events on Friday nights, the Youth Weekend Away, Students, Groups, Focus, Relationship Courses…. We could go on!


Your giving has allowed us to give to many different situations and causes. As a church we love to support the missional work of others, both locally (such as Christians Against Poverty) and further afield (including Tearfund, Ukraine, Samara’s Aid and International Justice Mission). We have also been able to give to the other churches within our Family of Churches, as well as contribute to the overall work of the Diocese.


We are incredibly blessed to be able to have a wonderful staff team that ensures our day-to-day church life runs smoothly. Your money has also been spent on utilities, general maintenance and upkeep of our buildings. Making sure they are safe, fit-for-purpose for us to open our doors to the city and run all of the activities that we love to do.

Need more information?

If you have any questions about giving or want to discuss your options, please email giving@stpetersbrighton.org