Our hope and prayer is to see our city without homelessness. That’s why we started Safehaven.

Safehaven exists to help support anyone who is in need. Since 2010, we have opened drop-ins throughout the week, built relationships with agencies across the city and opened our new Hope and Wellness Centre.

Our Drop-Ins

We welcome anyone who is looking for a safe place. Together we enjoy a home-cooked meal and great conversations. Our aim is that we provide dignity, hope and community for each of our guests.

Every week, alongside a hot meal, there is an opportunity to engage in arts & crafts and other activities. Our team offers guidance and a friendly ear in a relaxed environment. For those who are interested in exploring faith, there is also an opportunity to worship and pray together. We are also grateful to work with a range of partners across the city to provide holistic support for the guests.

Our drop-ins run throughout the term at the following times:

Safehaven Men – Wednesdays, 1 – 3pm

“I love to volunteer at Safehaven Men because of the interesting life stories of the men, the chats, laughter and fellowship of volunteers and guests.” (Safehaven Men guest)

Safehaven Women – Thursdays, 1.30 – 3pm

“It’s a family, a home and it’s a safe place. You can’t describe Safehaven in just three words, it’s just an amazing place to be!” (Safehaven Women guest)

Safehaven Saturday (for men and women), 6 – 7.30pm

“Safehaven is a place to relax and to talk to people about issues I have and I am so grateful for that. I’m thankful for the love and support.” (Safehaven Saturday guest)

Safehaven Mother and Baby

Nobody should have to go through motherhood on their own. Vulnerable new mothers and pregnant women are offered practical support and skill development within a supportive, nurturing community.

“Safehaven Mother and Baby has been very helpful and supportive to a single mum like me. I love the activities they offer which help to build my confidence as a mother.” (Sally, Mum to Lucy and Sammy)

Got any questions? Would love to be part of this community?

We’d love to hear from you.

Africa House

In the summer of 2021, we opened the doors to our Hope and Wellness Centre, which aims to support women through workshops which focus on creativity, exercise and learning new skills. We also run a series of drop-ins, in partnership with local specialist charities, making it easier for women to access advice and support from the services they would like to engage with. The Centre has a cafe as well, which is open to the public Monday-Saturday between 10am-5pm. We have a ‘pay it forward’ scheme in the cafe, as a way for the local community to invest and support in the Centre. We offer a separate meeting room at the back of the cafe that can be booked out by keyworkers as a space to meet with their clients.

“Thank you for all you do for the women and the amazing space you have created.” (Brighton Housing Trust worker)

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Volunteer for Safehaven

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