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The award-winning Spear programme helps disadvantaged 16-24 year-olds gain the support, skills and confidence needed to get into work or re-enter education and begin to build a hope-filled future.


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"I recently turned 21 and for a long time I thought I missed my chance to be something. I had discovered my passion and talent too late. I had to leave my first job due to too many emotional breakdowns. After that I spent my day to day life on Youtube or at the Job Centre. I had grown accustomed to being a leech on society and believed that was all I’d ever be. Then one day I was introduced to Spear. They have taught me everything I need to know in any workplace through games, mock interviews and a trip to an actual workplace. And they taught me about resilience, the ability to push through what life throws at you!" Louise, Spear Trainee


Parts of our city, in particularly Whitehawk and Moulsecoomb, rank amongst the poorest in our country and have the highest levels of child poverty and social housing in our Diocese. Generational poverty creates a cycle of unemployment and unachievement through lack of opportunities, support structures and self-belief.

Young people struggle with education and employment opportunities without stable support arrangements in place to help them overcome obstacles we all inevitably face. 


Spear is a year-long programme that equips and supports disadvantaged 16-to-24-year-olds to find long-term employment in partnership with local businesses. We believe that everyone can overcome whatever barriers they face to succeed.

90 young people are supported across a year in 6 small cohorts of 15. As well as providing training in areas such as CV writing, preparation for interview and skills for the work place, young people are coached to help overcome the attitudes and behaviours that hold them back. 

spear trainee


Spear Foundation: Getting Young People Work Ready - Intensive coaching sessions over 6 weeks, from 2-5pm, 4 days a week, including company visits, mock interviews and work panels.

Spear Career: Getting Into Work & In-Work Support – practical group workshops and 1:1 coaching over 12 months to help secure employment and, once in work, to support Spear trainees to sustain and thrive in their role.

“I am much more confident than I think I am, I’m not just this little awkward person in the corner anymore.” Henry, Spear Trainee


Help transform the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, unlocking their innate talent and potential and igniting in them ‘a vision of the possible’.

“Working with Spear, and its programme participants, was a thorough pleasure. It was inspiring to see the rapport and mutual respect the team had with the cohort. Honest and constructive feedback on the tasks we had set the young people who visited our office at the heart of the process. We would love to continue to help this organisation with their meaningful and invaluable work.”

Graphite Digital, 2018


  • Mock interview one of our trainees – If you have experience in the work place, in any role or field, and can spare 2 hours to encourage and support a trainee in a mock interview do get in touch. Upcoming dates are 28th March, 30th May and 18th July.
  • Host a company visit for our Spear Trainees and give them an insight into 'working life' and the culture within your organisation.
  • Offer job opportunities – training is vital but so are job opportunities. If you can offer an entry-level job we’d love to hear from you.
  • Offer work experience – there is nothing like learning on the job! Can you offer work experience to help our trainees build their CV’s and develop their skills?
  • Offer apprenticeship opportunities - we could be an apprenticeship training provider for your company, supporting young people as they kick start their careers whilst helping to diversify the workforces they join.
  • Support trainees by attending a Spear Celebration evening, held at the end of each six week Foundation session. This is a brilliant opportunity to hear directly from the young people about the impact Spear has had on their lives, to celebrate their success and to encourage them on the journey ahead.
The next Graduation dates are 11 June and 23 July from 7.00-8.30pm


If you would like to be part of the Spear Journey and want to learn more about the programme and how you can get involved please contact us at spearbrighton@googlemail.com or call the office on 01273 311 640.


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