Our vision is to bring transformation by raising the horizons of young people so they can see their hopes and dreams become a reality.



Through Safehaven and our church plant in Whitehawk we started to see a real need in our city for practical help to find employment. We realised that large numbers of youth in our city are unemployed or not in training (in 2016 youth unemployment was 21%) and 15% of homes in Brighton and Hove are workless – that means that many young people are growing up without seeing the benefit or value of work.

Since we planted as a church 9 years ago we have been watching with great interest the journey of Spear - a programme running across London working with young people to help them into employment. It has been hugely successful - of the 4000 young people who have gone through the programme 75% get work or training and are still there a year later.

So in September 2018 we launched Spear Brighton. Our vision is to bring transformation by supporting 16-24 year olds from disadvantaged backgrounds in Sussex find work.


Spear is a year-long programme that equips 16-to-24-year-olds to find long-term employment.
Spear coaches young people to help overcome the attitudes and behaviours that hold them back, as well as providing training to write a CV, preparation for interview and skills for the work place.
Spear supports each young person for a year afterwards to help them enter into employment and progress up the career ladder.


Spear works with 90 young people each year. The majority are recruited through local referral agencies including the Brighton and Hove Job Centres.The key stages of the Spear programme are:

  • Getting Young People Work Ready - Intensive coaching sessions over 6 weeks, from 2-5pm, 4 days a week, including company visits, mock interviews and work panels.

  • Spear Career: Getting Into Work & In-Work Support (12 months support) - 1:1 coaching to help secure employment and support Spear trainees once in work to sustain and thrive in their role.


If you want to know more come to a Spear Celebration (7pm-8:30pm) – these evenings are held at the end of each six week course and are a brilliant opportunity to hear directly from the young people about the impact Spear has had on their lives, to celebrate their success and to encourage them on the journey ahead. For many trainees it is the first time they have spoken in front of an audience – join us in championing and celebrating them.

Next graduation dates:

  • 21st February 2019
  • 9th April 2019
  • 11th June 2019
  • 23rd July 2019

Other things you could help with:

  • Mock interview one of our trainees – if you have experience in the work place – in whatever role or field - and can spare 2 hours to encourage and support a trainee in a mock interview do get in touch.
  • Host a company visit for our Spear Trainees and give them an insight into 'working life' and the culture within your organisation.
  • Offer job opportunities – training is vital but so are job opportunities. If you can offer an entry-level job we’d love to hear from you.
  • Offer work experience – there is nothing like learning on the job! Can you offer work experience to help our trainees build their CV’s and develop their skills? 

Louise from our first training course shared with us…

"I recently turned 21 and for a long time I thought I missed my chance to be something. I had discovered my passion and talent too late. I had to leave my first job due to too many emotional breakdowns after that I spent my day to day life on Youtube or at the Job Centre. I had grown accustomed to being a leech on society and believed that was all I’d ever be. Then one day I was introduced to Spear. They have taught me everything I need to know in any workplace through games, mock interviews and a trip to an actual workplace."

If you would like to be part of the Spear journey we’d love to hear from you spearbrighton@gmail.com.

Louise at the recent SPEAR graduation party





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