The Pre-Marriage Course Feedback

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The Pre-Marriage Course feedback
1 - How did you first hear about The Pre-Marriage Course? (please tick all that apply)
2 - Why did you decide to do The Pre-Marriage Course? (please tick all that apply)
3 - How likely are you to recommend the course to your friends?
4 - Which of the following best describes how the course has impacted your relationship?
5 - Please rate how well you think you were doing in each of the following BEFORE doing the course on a scale of 1-5 (1 = Poor, 5 = Excellent)
and also AFTER doing the course
6 - Out of all the sessions of the course, which ones have been the MOST helpful to you (please tick all that apply)
8 - Would you like to tell us more about your course experience that we can use on social media?
9 - Have you ever done Alpha?
10 - Gender
11 - Age
12 - Faith Background