Who's who

Archie & Sam Coates

Chris Green

Executive Director 

Jonny Gumbel

Associate Vicar

Sam Wood

Operations Director 

Helen Garratt

9.30 Pastor & Clergy

Lauren Sheath

Lizzie Evans

Youth Pastor


Ali Marshall

Curate & 5.00 Pastor

Toby Lancaster

Nakita Ainsworth

Students Pastor

Students Pastor

James Stinson

Hannah Milne

LDY and 11.30 Pastor

James Bailey

Alpha & 9.30 Pastor 

Charlie Hammond

Mandy Marshall-Taylor

Paul Nelson

Worship Pastor

Robyn Butler

Archie Henderson

Comms & Marketing 

Sandy Matthews

Lara Willis

Events & Weddings

Henry Milne

Kerry Foster

Spear Brighton Team

Becky, James, Anna

Saz Fury

Emily Potter

Leadership PA 

PA to the Vicar

Elisha Phillips

Emily Withers

Head of Comms/Marketing

Angie Green

Prayer & 5.00 Pastor

Helen James

Grace Stannard

Emily Collins


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