Who's who

Archie & Sam Coates

Chris Green

Executive Director 

Jonny Gumbel

Associate Vicar

Helen Garratt

Associate Vicar (Pastoral)

Lizzie Evans

Ali Marshall

Curate (Groups, Sundays)

Nakita Ainsworth

Ordinand (Students)

Students Pastor

James Stinson

 Youth, Students, Discipleship

Hannah Milne

James Bailey

Charlie Hammond

Mandy Marshall-Taylor

Paul Nelson

Alex Wharfe

Archie Henderson

Sandy Matthews

Production, Operations, Events

Henry Milne

Visual Arts, Creative

Kerry Foster

Spear Brighton Team

Becky, James, Anna

Saz Fury

Emily Potter

Leadership PA

PA to the Vicar

Elisha Phillips

Emily Withers

Angie Green

Prayer, Prayer Ministry

Helen James

Systems, Data, Giving


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