Life by Luxmuralis

Tuesday 7th - Saturday 11th May
8pm - 10.30pm

Step inside and experience Life in Brighton's unofficial cathedral

Come and experience the beauty of light and nature, as part of St Peter’s Church 200-year celebrations. Life by Luxmuralis is a spectacular light show that fills the church space with a radiant light display, taking a journey through earth, sea and sky, accompanied by atmospheric soundscapes.

“a combination of a wonderful building, great music and amazing lighting and video that is guaranteed to take your breath away” – London Theatre1
“over 10,000 tickets were sold – making it the most popular event ever at the historic venue.”The Lincolnite – Life @ Lincoln Cathedral

Adult: £8-£10
Concession: £6-£6.50

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About Life

Life is a journey through 24 hours on our planet, from Sunrise to Sunset, through sun, oceans and clouds. It’s designed to inspire viewers to reflect on the beauty of life, and contemplate their own journeys.

The experience will last around 40 minutes, but you’re welcome to stay and absorb it for as long as you like.

Life is produced and presented by artist Peter Walker, composer David Harper and Luxmuralis. Luxmuralis are a collaborative team of artists from different backgrounds and disciplines, who take art into the public, onto the streets and unexpected places.