Mental health

We aim to be a church community who support and encourage any one of us who is suffering with their mental health and to promote positive mental health and well-being.

We run regular supportive courses throughout the year, helping to tackle anxiety and depression together.


Tackling Anxiety Together

Whether you have battled with your mental health in the past or found yourself struggling for the first time in recent weeks, we understand the challenge of the present circumstances. The Tackling Anxiety Together course is a chance to join other people with similar experiences online to talk through these issues and support one another.

Here are three helpful ways to look after our mental health:

Be Prayerful

The Bible tells us that we can hand over our worries to God in prayer and to fill our minds with the positive and good things in this life (Philippians 4:6-9).

Remembering that we aren’t on our own and that we have a God who loves and cares for us, can soothe our anxious minds and bring us peace. When we choose to think good thoughts rather than negativem we strengthen ourselves, which in turn helps us feel more equipped to meet life’s challenges.

Be Present

We often worry ourselves silly by imagining what could go wrong in the future. Almost everything that we worry about either doesn’t happen or we find we are given the strength to deal with the challenges we face at the time. 

Be Connected

Keep in community. The Bible tells us to encourage and support one another and that we are a family (Hebrew 10:24-25).

Whether we are extrovert or introvert we are made to be in relationship with one another. We can be encouraged and be an encouragement. Also, if we feel overwhelmed it is good to talk over our worries with someone and be listened to; someone else may be able to give you the perspective and wisdom you need when we are finding a bit too much. Knowing that we are loved, accepted and included by one another leads to a sense of well-being.

Additional Resources

Click here you would like to join a Group: an online, local community which meets weekly to grow together in faith, life and friendship.

Advice on looking after yours and your family's wellbeing during the Covid-19 outbreak:


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